Sara Melissa Designs

" Observing real life juxtapositions is something that often inspires me, the Yin Yang’s that surround us, as well, as the duality of things. Nature and its majestic presence... this, among other things heartens the way I approach design.
I love playing visually with these concepts and incorporating them into my work.  I have diligently also focused on not just the aesthetics, but the  quality, and comfort of my designs as well. "
The result is beautifully handmade footwear and
accessories that deliver, fun unexpected mixes of textures, prints, & color,
All without compromising comfort, craftsmanship, and lasting quality.
" I love creating beautiful things that are wearable and comfortable, but feel like art because YOU are!" 
Once upon a time, Sara Melissa fell madly in love with the magic of creating something tangible from an idea, and thus focused on gaining the skills necessary to do so.   She studied independently on her craft, as well as at the San Francisco Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM) and the University of the Arts London.

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