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Yo en Yosemite

One of my biggest inspirations when I create a design is Nature.  All of the contrasts of elements and colors.  Like a visual poem. Love it. Yo en Yosemite, Ca. February 4th 2017

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BuonGiorno Venezia !

I landed in Venice, Italy on April 11th, 2016 at 11:30am ~  ~ In style of-course ;) ! ~ I traveled the long trip in the  "Burgundy Sunset" City Chic Couture Bootie ~ ( Available in the "Statement Bootie" Collection :) I was really digging the airport decorations ;) LOL After all the airport hustle, I was happy to get on the water taxi and get to the heart of Venice.   (So Exited!)  Luggage and All ! ... :) Finally !  Here I am, taking a pause for a Selfie in one of the first alleys I explored en rout to the hotel.  

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